Salt flats seen on tour with Classic Bike Esprit
Salt Plains in the Camargue

Join us on a lazy journey through the world-famous Camargue region south west of St Rémy as we discover unspoilt scenery, pink flamingoes, black bulls , rice fields and giant salt flats. Our tour starts with a glorious ride over Les Alpilles (the little alps), then following long straight and empty roads to the regular ferry service that traverses the Rhone river. Now we are in  the real Camargue where we drop down to the Mediterranean sea returning inland to stop by a very traditional rustic restaurant for lunch. A good first day to get used to riding the classic bikes on uncluttered and non demanding roads. Returning by the same ferry we finish the afternoon riding in the more hilly area of the national parc les alpilles. 

Camargue tour with Classic Bike Esprit
White horses in the Camargue

Note that when the strong Mistral wind blows this is one area to avoid and that this wind can blow at any time of the year so there is no guarantee that this is always a day one tour!

Very popular with our clients as an ‘orientation’ day and a good chance to get back into the swing of things due to it’s less demanding nature, this lazy trip through the Camargue is the perfect place to start your touring holiday.