Classic Bike Esprit, motorcycle tour to Gorges du Verdon
Lac St Croix, Les Gorges du Verdon

The run to the Gorges du Verdon is a fascinating ride across some of the most varied scenery to be found anywhere in Provence.

Les Gorges du Verdon claims to be the biggest natural canyon formation in Europe and only 150 years ago was virtually unknown.
The few  locals that knew about it, didn’t boast about it because they thought everywhere had similar scenery.
Anyway believe what you will but having ridden the Gorge at least 30 times over 15 years it is still breathtakingly beautiful.

Join us on an exciting three-day tour from our base at St Rémy de Provence as we travel through the villages of  Eygalieres, Alleins, Charleval, and Jouques before we pick up the trail of the river Verdon as she winds her way northeast towards the Gorges and the elevated town of Moustiers-Ste-Marie. It is here that we  base ourselves  for the two nights spent in the Gorges.

Entry to the Gorges du Verdon, Provence
Moustiers Ste Marie
Moustiers Ste Marie is steeped in history, and renowned for its beautiful faience ceramics  and picturesque village.
Lac St Croix in the Gorges du Verdon , Provence
Lac St Croix

This is the start point and departure point for the Canyon and by spending two nights here it reduces the packing / unpacking and luggage carrying hassle for the day actually touring the gorge.

And the hotel with pool and hot tubs is a great way to finish a day’s ride.
Rising next morning to a continental breakfast we hit the trail once again and wind our way up into the Gorge towards Palud where we follow the Route de Cretes.
Get to the fifth belvidere and one has arguably the best view of the trip. The view is enhanced by the vultures catching the first  thermals of the day before crossing the canyon for lunch. Marvel at the rock climbers showing their daring as they scale hundreds of feet of sheer cliff. Maybe motorcycling isn’t so dangerous after all!
After a coffee break in Palud we continue  following the river for a while before going across country and entering into Castellane for lunch.
For those who want to see the French Resistance or the Citroen car museum in Castellane it can be arranged.
The afternoon is spent  heading back westward on the smaller but probably more impressive southern route. And if anyone  fancies doing  a bungee jump that too can be arranged , but don’t count us in!
morotocycle tour in Provence
Aiguines, Gorges du Verdon

Passing through Aiguines we again see the glistening quartz blue waters of Lac St Croix, the massive reservoir fed by the waters of the Verdon river.

Once  back at the hotel you decide : swim,  apéros,  40 winks   ……    Then into the village for dinner after a wash and brush up.
Morning day 3 is off to the Valensole plateau.This is the lavendar growing capital of Provence and a must see area in June each year.
Lavender firlds Valensole ,with BSA
Soaking up the scent
And finally we cross the river at Manosque and wind our way back via the Grand and Petit Luberon.
What’s there not to like?