For several years now CB Esprit has collaborated with the Moto Club de Senas to join them on their ‘” Drailles du Sud ” tour at the end of June.

Each year the tour takes a different route but the format remains the same: a 5 day excursion  through the lesser known roads of Provence, travelling around 200km/ day.

The tour is only open to  motorcycles from 1945 to 1975 , so it is complete paradise for the classic enthusiast , as not only do you have some spectacular riding , but you get to drool over an incredible variety of classic machines for 5 whole days!

And if you passenger is not so keen on the bikes  no worries, there will be plenty  of dazzling views to keep them happy throughout the trip.

Despite being within a larger group , we stick to out tried and tested CB Esprit formula: we stay in our small group throughout the day’s riding, ensuring that no-one gets lost or has problems.

CBEsprit  takes all the hardwork and headaches out of classic motorcycling  and allows you to enjoy to the maximum riding these fantastic machines in some spectacular scenery. No hours of preparation before departure , or worries about breakdowns on route.All you have to do is decide which steed to take with you on this adventure. And to add to the fun you can even change bikes during the tour.

All accommodation and meals are included in the price , from your arrival the night before the tour through to breakfast the Monday morning after the tour.

Tour normally runs the last Wednesday to Sunday in June but check for dates.