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  • Whether it is a trip around the hanging villages of the Luberon, the salt flats and rice fields of the Camargue, the beautiful coastal Calanques, the twisty roads of Mont Ventoux and Mont Saint Victoire, or a tour around the numerous vineyards and lavender fields of Provence ,  we promise you that you will not leave disappointed . The list of tours above is by no means exhaustive and each tour is adapted to the ability and previous experiences of our visitors, as well as the weather conditions on the day.

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    Our Discover Provence tours run throughout the year with each tour starting and finishing at Classic Bike Esprit in St Rémy.

    Join us for a single day during your stay , or spend several days  touring with us to a different area each day , and really get to discover the beauty of this region.

    And an added bonus for the rider – you get to change bikes during the day if you want to try out more than one of our classics.

    Tours are organised in small groups of a minimum of 3 bikes (no more than 6 ), or  ask for a quote for a private tour.

  • BSAs on Classic Bike Esprit motorcycle tour in the Luberon
    The perfect view of Gorgeous Gordes

    This has to be one of our favourite areas.

    Riding northeast from St Rémy to the mountainous region immortalised by Peter Mayle in “A year in Provence”, the run to the Luberon wine region is a relaxing ride through hidden Provence.

    Roussillon in the Luberon
    The ochre rich, red cliffs of Roussillon

    Marvel at the ascent to the spectacular mountain villages of Gordes, Bonnieux, and Goult, and enjoy the ride as we breeze through the lush valleys at Lourmarin, Roussillon, and Lacoste.

    The Luberon range is broken into two parts –le Petit Luberon on the west side and le Grand Luberon on the east, and the landscape between, crossing le Plateau de Vaucluse, as far north as towering (1909m) Mt Ventoux.

    We have several different tours through this region as there is so much to see. To try and do it all in one day would certainly defeat the purpose of the visit!

    Motorcycle tour around the Luberon
    Chateau Lourmarin

    A beautiful day out this ride is very relaxing and should never be rushed! This gentle run through premium wine country is suitable for all riders and is unsurprisingly an extremely popular pillion choice.

  • Guided motorcycle tours Classic Bike Esprit
    Velocette and Triumph at Les Baux de Provence

     This has to be one of the favourite areas for our clients , and is ideally suited to the smaller capacity lighter bikes such as the Velocette Venom, Ariel NH or RE Bullet. If riding with a passenger one may wish to chose a BSA A10 or an A65.

    The fun starts straight away as we depart from St Rémy and traverse the Alpilles via the  Val d’Enfer (“valley of hell” ),  which was the inspiration for Dante’s inferno.

    Passing fantastic views of the citadelle of les Baux we continue east along the small lanes in the Alpilles national park and cross the Durance river  at Mallemort to enter another national park…the lovely Luberon.   This is the mountainous region immortalised by Peter Mayle in “A year in Provence”.  

    Motorcycle tour around the Luberon
    Chateau Lourmarin

     The run to the Luberon wine region is a relaxing ride through hidden Provence.  We head eastwards for Lourmarin and enjoy a great ride along the Combe de Lourmarin climbing up the ridge towards Bonnieux.

     A popular stop before lunch is the Forest of Cedars on the top of the petit luberon ridge at a height of approx 800 meters.  Here we can view the route we will be taking in the afternoon through the famous hanging villages of Bonnieux, Gordes, La Coste and Peter Mayles’s Menerbes.  Not that PM owns the village but he could probably afford to buy it,  just as Pierre Cardin has invested much of his money into La Coste,  as did the Marquis de Sade!

    This area has real history and although popular in the summer months with tourists is still extremely enjoyable if you know where to go to avoid the crowds.

    Classic Bike Esprit motorcycle tour , Oppede le Vieux
    Peeking through at Oppede le Vieux

    After passing by Oppede Le Vieux, the oldest and highest of the Petit Luberon villages, we leave the national park crossing the Durance near Cavaillon.

    Classic Bike Esprit Motorcycle tour
    Automobile Museum Orgon

    A popular refreshment stop in the afternoon is at Orgon where the classic car and bike museum is always welcoming.

    The final run back to St Remy via the country route to Eygalieres is a great way to finish a memorable day.   Not a big mileage , but enough quality time in the saddle for the bikers and loved by the passengers for its sheer beauty  –  the picture postcard vision of Provence.

    BSAs at Gordes, Luberon
    Sunbathing at Gorgeous Gordes

  • Camargue tour with Classic Bike Esprit
    White horses in the Camargue

    Join us on a lazy journey through the world-famous Camargue region south west of St Rémy as we discover unspoilt scenery, pink flamingoes, black bulls , rice fields and giant salt flats. Our tour starts with a glorious ride over Les Alpilles (the little alps), then following long straight and empty roads to the regular ferry service that traverses the Rhone river. Now we are in  the real Camargue where we drop down to the Mediterranean sea returning inland to stop by a very traditional rustic restaurant for lunch. A good first day to get used to riding the classic bikes on uncluttered and non demanding roads. Returning by the same ferry we finish the afternoon riding in the more hilly area of the national parc les alpilles. 

    Note that when the strong Mistral wind blows this is one area to avoid and that this wind can blow at any time of the year so there is no guarantee that this is always a day one tour!

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    Very popular with our clients as an ‘orientation’ day and a good chance to get back into the swing of things due to it’s less demanding nature, this lazy trip through the Camargue is the perfect place to start your touring holiday.

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  • Wine growing is such an important part of the Provençal culture that we could not possibly omit a tour that will take you along the picturesque Route de Vins.

    With such an abundance of vineyards it is difficult to decide which direction to take; north up towards world famous Chateauneuf du Pape then beyond to view the lesser known growing areas of Gigondas, Rasteau and Vacqueyras , all renowned for their good quality reds , or east towards the Roman city of Aix en Provence and Mont St Victoire, particularly acclaimed for their excellent rosé wines …..

    Whatever the route , wide open spaces, azure skies, and unspoilt countryside envelope rider and pillion alike making the Route des Vins a very popular choice with clients . Oh, and there will always be time to stop off at one or two of the caves for a ‘degustation’ ( but don’t forget to spit !)

  • A full day of motorcycling really suiting the bigger capacity machines such as the Norton Commando, Honda 750 K2, or Moto Guzzi.

    Departing from St Rémy we skirt the south side of Avignon on small roads to avoid the traffic.

    First stop is after an hour of riding at the delightful and medieval village of Venasque. Coffee, croissants and pains au chocolats can be enjoyed at “La Fontaine” next to, not suprisingly a fountain, right in the centre of the village.

    Before lunch at Sault or Aurel we tackle 28kms of twisty road of the Gorge de la Nesque.

    After lunch we tackle the 1912 meter Mont Ventoux stopping at the top to take in the panorama of Provence.

    Returning via Bédoin one can only admire the thousands of cyclists who take on what is considered one of the toughest stages of the Tour de France

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  • Our ‘AWAY’ Tours include any of our tours that take us away from base at St Remy for one or more nights.

    Our destinations have been specially chosen for the great motorcycling, the most spectacular scenery and the fascinating stories associated  with the areas.

    Anyone can lead you through beautiful countryside , but not everyone can share it’s history with you!

  • Classic Bike Esprit, motorcycle tour to Gorges du Verdon
    Lac St Croix, Les Gorges du Verdon

    The run to the Gorges du Verdon is a fascinating ride across some of the most varied scenery to be found anywhere in Provence.

    Les Gorges du Verdon claims to be the biggest natural canyon formation in Europe and only 150 years ago was virtually unknown.
    The few  locals that knew about it, didn’t boast about it because they thought everywhere had similar scenery.
    Anyway believe what you will but having ridden the Gorge at least 30 times over 15 years it is still breathtakingly beautiful.

    Join us on an exciting three-day tour from our base at St Rémy de Provence as we travel through the villages of  Eygalieres, Alleins, Charleval, and Jouques before we pick up the trail of the river Verdon as she winds her way northeast towards the Gorges and the elevated town of Moustiers-Ste-Marie. It is here that we  base ourselves  for the two nights spent in the Gorges.

    Entry to the Gorges du Verdon, Provence
    Moustiers Ste Marie
    Moustiers Ste Marie is steeped in history, and renowned for its beautiful faience ceramics  and picturesque village.
    Lac St Croix in the Gorges du Verdon , Provence
    Lac St Croix

    This is the start point and departure point for the Canyon and by spending two nights here it reduces the packing / unpacking and luggage carrying hassle for the day actually touring the gorge.

    And the hotel with pool and hot tubs is a great way to finish a day’s ride.
    Rising next morning to a continental breakfast we hit the trail once again and wind our way up into the Gorge towards Palud where we follow the Route de Cretes.
    Get to the fifth belvidere and one has arguably the best view of the trip. The view is enhanced by the vultures catching the first  thermals of the day before crossing the canyon for lunch. Marvel at the rock climbers showing their daring as they scale hundreds of feet of sheer cliff. Maybe motorcycling isn’t so dangerous after all!
    After a coffee break in Palud we continue  following the river for a while before going across country and entering into Castellane for lunch.
    For those who want to see the French Resistance or the Citroen car museum in Castellane it can be arranged.
    The afternoon is spent  heading back westward on the smaller but probably more impressive southern route. And if anyone  fancies doing  a bungee jump that too can be arranged , but don’t count us in!
    morotocycle tour in Provence
    Aiguines, Gorges du Verdon

    Passing through Aiguines we again see the glistening quartz blue waters of Lac St Croix, the massive reservoir fed by the waters of the Verdon river.

    Once  back at the hotel you decide : swim,  apéros,  40 winks   ……    Then into the village for dinner after a wash and brush up.
    Morning day 3 is off to the Valensole plateau.This is the lavendar growing capital of Provence and a must see area in June each year.
    Lavender firlds Valensole ,with BSA
    Soaking up the scent
    And finally we cross the river at Manosque and wind our way back via the Grand and Petit Luberon.
    What’s there not to like?

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  • Triumph , Norton and Moto Guzzi in Corsica
    Discover the Ile de Beauté

    Corisca is one of the true gems in the Mediterranean crown. A wild rugged island it boasts some of the most beautiful terrain in all of the republic. From stunning white sandy beaches to desolate peaks to lush green valleys, Corisca offers the tourist a rare adventure not possible on the mainland of France.

    Classic Bike Provence motorcycle tour , Corse

    Marvel at some of the finest mediterranean cuisine and wonderful local wine while reacquainting oneself with nature on an elemental level. Classic Bike Esprit offers you the chance to ride with us as we discover the hidden Corsica far from the tourist centres of Ajaccio and Bastia.

    Corse, motorcycle tour with Classic Bike Esprit
    Arriving in port

    Our tour commences at the port of Marseille as we board the Napolean Bonaparte for a luxurious overnight ferry crossing to l’Ile de Rousse on the northern tip of Corsica.

    Cabins are booked for our touring guests for the 11hr cruise through the Mediterranean on a luxury ferry boasting several fine restaurants & bars, excellent relaxation facilities, and a very popular casino! A trip not to be missed.

    NB Itinerary may change subject to ferry availability

    Please note this trip is unsuitable for inexperienced riders.

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  • For several years now CB Esprit has collaborated with the Moto Club de Senas to join them on their ‘” Drailles du Sud ” tour at the end of June.

    Each year the tour takes a different route but the format remains the same: a 5 day excursion  through the lesser known roads of Provence, travelling around 200km/ day.

    The tour is only open to  motorcycles from 1945 to 1975 , so it is complete paradise for the classic enthusiast , as not only do you have some spectacular riding , but you get to drool over an incredible variety of classic machines for 5 whole days!

    And if your passenger is not so keen on the bikes  no worries, there will be plenty  of dazzling views to keep them happy throughout the trip.

    Despite being within a larger group , we stick to our tried and tested CB Esprit formula: we stay in our small group throughout the day’s riding, ensuring that no-one gets lost or has problems.

    CBEsprit  takes all the hardwork and headaches out of classic motorcycling  and allows you to enjoy to the maximum riding these fantastic machines in some spectacular scenery. No hours of preparation before departure , or worries about breakdowns on route.All you have to do is decide which steed to take with you on this adventure. And to add to the fun you can even change bikes during the tour.

    All accommodation and meals are included in the price , from your arrival the night before the tour through to breakfast the Monday morning after the tour.

    Tour normally runs the last Wednesday to Sunday in June but check for dates.

  • Stop off during the motorcycle tour of the Parc des Cevennes with Classic Bike Provence
    Cirque de Navacelles
    Pont de Millau

    Our 3 day tour of the Parc des Cevennes will take you to the spectacular Millau Bridge, calling by the natural landform of the Cirque de Navacelles and the ancient Pont du Gard.

    Day tour or Cevennes trip with Classic Bike Provence,